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Last Updated (Friday, 05 October 2012 16:08)



The SE-5 1000 ...Gold!

Introducing the
SE-5 1000 GOLD


SE-5 1000
We have just introduced the SE-5 1000 GOLD!
Gold has been the store of value for thousands of years.
That is because gold has very special properties. Its molecular structure is very stable. So it doesn't tarnish or change with age.
It is also the world's best electrical conductor and that is why is used so often in electronic components.
Did you know that the Chinese mine gold from recycled computers? They get more gold out of computers than they do from the ground!
But Gold also has very interesting aspects to it in regards to IDF Research.
It appears that it is best conductor of subtle energy fields and informational fields.
We continue to improve the software for the SE-5 1000 almost daily. So check back often for software updates. You need to log in first (for owners of SE-5 1000 only) and then go to Updating Your SE-5 1000 on the left sidebar.
The new Multi-Language software version has just been released and we can now use it to its fullest potential.
Using the SE-5 1000 software, you can now do several analysis sessions during the day time, and then set the SE-5 and your laptop up to balance each person, one after another while you sleep. This is a very BIG improvement that has taken a long time to be realized, but it is now a reality.
In addition to the Mulit-Language software (English/German/French/Japanese) we also have the Firmware (the internal software inside of the SE-5 1000) in German. After you log in, click on Updating your SE-5 and you will find the links on how to update your internal programs and firmware into German.
We have just launched a new website in Japanese. www.se-5.jp
Most all of our training materials are now translated into Japanese and also German.
Zusätzlich zu den Mulit-Language-Software (Deutsch / Englisch / Französisch / Japanisch) haben wir auch die Firmware (die interne Software innerhalb der SE-5 1000) in deutscher Sprache. Nachdem Sie sich angemeldet haben, klicken Sie auf "Updating your SE-5" und finden Sie die Links, wie Sie Ihre interne Programme und Firmware-Update ins Deutsche zu finden.

P.S. If the video isn't present below, click on this link:

This website is devoted just to the SE-5 1000. It has a lot of new information and also some that you might have already seen on www.se-5.com

This site has two parts to it...

Last Updated (Tuesday, 24 January 2012 10:48)

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As with the previous versions of the SE-5, the SE-5 1000 is easy to use in almost endless areas of research: Health, Business, Animals, Agriculture, etc.

Last Updated (Sunday, 10 July 2011 20:06)

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